Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How can I order, besides Online ?

You can send us your order / delivery address / email address and cell number and we will process the entire order for you and then you can just do the payment into our bank account (That will all be on the completed order that you will get via email)

Time frame for Delivery ?

It generally takes about 5 working days

  • Our Warehouse does close over the Festive Season and then it could take longer
  • The 5 working days are dependent on whether the courier is delivering in Main Centers (If out of Main areas then it could take longer)
  • If there is a stock issue – we need to communicate with you first and that could delay the process with an addition day or two
  • Although we do strive to get the products by you as soon as possible, this is not set in stone
Can I pay COD ?

Unfortunately not, we use different couriers for different sized parcels and they do not accept payment on our behalf. No stock leaves us without payment in full received.

Delivery cost ?

Delivery in SA: R50 in main Areas except for offline routes.

Is this a scam ?

Facebook Page (Click here to Visit our Page)

We understand that the amount of scams on the internet are so huge at the moment and we urge you to join our Facebook Page to see that we do not scam.

We also have plenty of waybill numbers we can send you in order for you track them and see that deliveries have in fact been done

What happens if a Perfume I ordered is not in stock ?


Even if we check stock before you pay, the item could still sell out before your order is processed on the Warehouse side.  Should this happen then we will communicate with you for either a replacement to the same value or a refund.
Are they in their Original packaging and bottles ?


Yes they are and they are sealed.


Are they Alcohol, water or oil based ?


They are Alcohol based:

It can happen in the case of imports from other countries that the concentration of the perfume may differ to that of the local version that you find in your regular retailer. This is because they are made in different manufacturing plants.

They use different alcohol bases around the world i.e. Europe uses a potato based alcohol (Vodka), France uses grape based alcohol, and the USA uses a grain based alcohol.

Fragrances are also reformulated every so often, creating different vintages and batches, hence the same fragrance can differ in smell from one country to another, depending on where it was made or imported from. Therefore, in some instances, our fragrance may not last as long as the local version that you are used to.

Please note that these goods have been imported without the approval of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier. Therefore these goods will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier.


Are they Fake ? Chinese Imports ?


No they are not fake and they are not Chinese Imports at all.


If the product does not spray, then what happens ?

In this case you may send us photos to

In some cases we may require the product to be returned to us as well.

How Long does the Smell last ?


This is a Difficult Question to Answer:

  • It is Very Important to note that the perfume does not last as long as the original store bought one.  If you are used to the Original and can spend R 1000 to R 2000 then please don’t buy these and expect the lasting power of the one in store.
  • Every perfume is different and cannot be expected to have the same lasting smell, as some scents are meant to be lighter and some heavier. For example D&G Light Blue EDT is designed to have a lighter fragrances than Tomford Black Orchid.
  • Your skin and diet plays a huge role. Some clients have stated a perfume lasting 7-8 hours and another client who bought the same item says 30 minutes.
  • Heat maximizes perfume. Your neck, wrists and back of knees and other pulse points emit more heat than other parts of the body. There are times in the day where perfume may smell stronger than other times of the day because of the heat.
  • We have a second option of perfumes called the Arabic and French Brands,  They last longer on your skin, just have a look at what we have if you would prefer to give them a try.


What Happens if I receive the product damaged


  • We check the products on our side for wetness and torn boxes before sending out
  • We then bubble wrap them as an added measure of safety
  • We now offer insurance on the parcel from our side at 10% of the value of the order
  • If you take insurance and a product is damaged by the courier we will replace that product
  • The replacement will be done upon proof from your side and is at the discretion of Management


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